Here’s a new way to create Video Sales Letters to increase conversions in your marketing. Create a VSL by creating an unlisted Hangout on Air, which creates an instant video uploaded to your YouTube Channel.

Video works well for conversions on a number of different web pages, from opt-in pages, to sales pages, to thanks you pages.

You can quickly create a video for any of these pages using Hangouts on Air. More importantly Video Sales Letters have the highest conversions. You can use HOA’s to easily create a Video Sales Letter.

First use PowerPoint (or any other slide creation software) to create the sales letter slides.

Next, start a Hangout on Air and invite only yourself as the audience to make it an unlisted HOA. Start the broadcast and record your video sales letter, by using Screen Share and opening your PowerPoint. As you talk through the slides you are recording a video sales letter. (Make sure to open the PowerPoint prior to starting the broadcast.) Have it open in Reading View mode so it fills the screen on your HOA when you click on Screen Share.

After you stop recording, the video will be recorded in YouTube. Go to your YouTube account and get the embed code for the video you just recorded.

Now place the embed code on your sales page and VOILA, you have created a Video Sales Letter.

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