Tired of being the best kept SECRET in your NICHE?

  • Imagine going from Unknown to Well-Known and Getting the Recognition you Deserve.

  • How would it feel to change more people's lives with your gifts and talents?'

  • Would you like to work smarter rather than harder while making a bigger impact in the world?

The world is waiting for you to SHINE your BRILLIANCE and SHARE YOUR EXPERTISE.

People need the TRANSFORMATION you provide, but first, they have to DISCOVER you.

Step up to the FASTEST way to get the word out to your Ideal Audience using my Advanced Hangout and Livestream Marketing BluePrint.

Introducing my 6 Step Blueprint to Reach new Heights of Recognition and Visibility using

XSplit Studio and LiveStream Simulcasting

First appearances leave lasting impressions. I want to help YOU look like the expert you ARE on camera, in video and most importantly in LIVE BROADCASTING. You'll receive everything I've learned over the past several years about using Xsplit with Hangouts On Air as well as the latest in powerful broadcasting platforms, tools and strategies to become recognized as an expert.

I'm READY to SHINE and Get Recognized as the Go-to-Expert using Xsplit and Livestream Simulcasting

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Hi, I'm Virginia Parsons, your Hangout Mentor, helping entrepreneurs step out of their shadows and SHINE as the Go-To-Expert. I want YOU to be my next SUCCESS STORY. I've created a 6 Module BluePrint to achieve the expert visibility and status you deserve. You'll receive the guidance and support you need to gain recognition and expert status across multiple social and media platforms, such as Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Blab, Periscope, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Apps, Podcasts and more. I'll provide you with

  • Six Weekly LIVE trainings done on Hangouts on Air
  • Six LIVE Q & A sessions following the trainings
  • XSplit Broadcaster Training, Tips & Strategies to SHINE
  • LiveStream Broadcasting Options to Grow your Audience
  • Simulcast Marketing Across Multiple Platforms
  • Detailed Checklists and Resource Guides to help keep you on track
  • Private Community Membership to collaborate, share ideas & ask questions
  • All Training and Q & A sessions recorded and immediately available for replay
  • SHINE Certificate of Broadcaster Mastery

Here's an outline of everything you will learn to step out of your shadow and SHINE as an EXPERT in your Niche. Module One: XSplit Studio Preparation & Overview

Discover the marketing and live-streaming advantages of XSplit for broadcasting like a pro on Hangouts, YouTube, Blab and Periscope. Overview Top Strategies and Uses for gaining Expert Status.

What is XSplit? Why Use XSplit? Who can use it? Recommended Studio Equipment (camera, mics, lighting & greenscreen) System Requirements, Licensing options (free, personal, premium) (XSplit is compatible with PCs; not Macs)

Module Two: XSplit Tour and Studio Set up

Getting familiar with XSplit Studio, Default and Personalized Setting Guidelines for Initial Set-up, Screen Resolutions for HOAs and Blab, Audio, Speakers, Mics and Hot Key uses. Setting up your physical studio for Lights, Camera and Greenscreen. (Don't worry. This isn't as technical as it sounds. Follow along, use my setup checklist and you'll be ready to SHINE on your first presentation.)

Module Three: Preparing for Broadcast Fun

Walk through of using XSplit inside a Hangout on Air. Using XSplit in the Hangout Greenroom. Finding and inserting background images or video loops. Playing with Chromakey settings, Advanced Webcam settings to look your best on camera. (Smile and be playful as you discover ways to look your best on screen.)

Module Four: Planning & Creating Broadcast Scenes

This module focuses on Designing your broadcast flow chart and setting up scenes. Up to 12 scenes are available for each broadcast or you may design and save a few different scenes for multiple broadcasts. Learn how to add multiple elements to a scene. Arrange, layer and resize the elements to create the best effect for your audience. You may place a video in one scene, a split screen PowerPoint in another, a logo sting in another and an interview style scene in a fourth, The possibilities are extensive. (You are REALLY looking good now!)

Module Five: LiveStream Broadcasting with XSplit, Hangouts, Blab and Periscope

Step by step guidance creating a broadcast using XSplit inside a Hangout on Air, YouTube Live, Blab and Periscope. We'll have fun together doing a "3 in 1" broadcast simultaneously using Hangouts, Blab and Periscope. (You are ready to step out and SHINE now. Just be yourself, relax and have fun!)

Module Six: Simulcasting on Steroids

Are you ready to work smarter, rather than harder? You are READY to "rock it" with XSplit and Multi-casting. Imagine simulcast marketing a single broadcast across multiple platforms... across multiple social networks, blogs, events, websites, Apps and more. You'll also discover ways to leverage your time and broadcast "assets" even further by re-purposing for even greater exposure and more prolific content creation. (You are out there now in a big way, SHINING your EXPERTISE to a growing and enthusiastic audience who recognize YOU as the Go-to-Expert.)

(Note: You need a PC with at Least 8 GB of Memory to use Xsplit)

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5 Super-Charged Bonuses worth over $800

  • Hangout Mentor Fast Start Program: Value $97

    New to Hangouts on Air? I've got just the program to get you up and running Fast with all the basics. You can start it immediately and be ready to jump into this advanced training full throttle. You'll love the short simple videos I share to get you on the fast track to Hangout Like a Pro.

  • Hangout Mentor SHINE Strategy Session: Value $297

    I will design a customized hangout marketing funnel to brand, grow and market YOUR business using Hangouts on Air and LiveStream Broadcasting to grow a loyal list of followers and build an expert reputation in your niche.

  • 3 Months DUvisio Enterprise Membership: Value $300

    Duvisio is the hottest new Affiliate platform for offering your programs and services to an extensive group of Joint Venture (JV) Partners. Discover the power of Integration Marketing to rapidly grow your influence and make more sales.

  • BONUS 7th Module: DUVisio Training on Monetizing your LiveStream Broadcasts

    DUvisio co-founders Gina Gaudio Graves (the JV Queen) and Jack Humphrey will discuss and demonstrate how to better monetize your live streaming broadcasts and WebTV shows using DUvisio. Learn how to set up your LiveStream Broadcasts and link them to a JV Integration funnel with a Call To Action. This will be a POWERFUL training to help catapult your following and income.

  • Surprize Bonus at end of Program!

    Make sure you stick around until the end of Module 6! I have something very special coming your way in the Podcast arena to help get you noticed and recognized in ITunes.