Hangout Promotion Strategies to SHINE & Get Noticed

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Are you ready to SHINE and Get Noticed as the “Go to Expert” in your niche? Are you missing the hottest new technology available today to brand, market and grow your business? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, then this course is your next best step to gaining the visibility and social influence you deserve. Your ideal audience is waiting for you to step out of your shadow and SHINE. This 15 module comprehensive training will provide detailed guidance, action steps, How To videos and check lists to help you SHINE and Get Noticed as an expert in no time. You will discover how to promote your expertise and attract your ideal audience using as many as 18 proven Hangout Promotion Strategies to get the Recognition you deserve.

So Here's Everything You Get...

Detailed Step-by-Step Video Training covering

  • Identifying & Attracting Your Ideal Audience
  • 4 Success Strategies to Brand & Market your Business
  • HOA Event: Best Practices to Standout Like A PRO
  • 18 Hangout Promotion Strategies to Get
  • Timeline Guides for Hangout Creation and Promotion
  • Promotional Tools, Trailers, & Images
  • Creating, Scheduling and Promoting HOA Events
  • and much more...

15 Training Modules with Detailed "How-to" Videos

  • Create a Custom Banner
  • Add & Resize Word Art Images for Event Promotion
  • Using Custom Images for Preview Trailer
  • Create & Edit your Event with Custom Banner & Trailer

3 Detailed Checklists to SHINE & Get Noticed

  • Event Creation Checklist to Promote & Market the HOA
  • 18 Top Strategies to Effective Hangout Promotion
  • Promo Event Checklist and Action Calendar

2 Bonuses to Insure help your Success ($400 value) BONUS 1: Hangout Mentor Fast Start Program with 21 step-by-step videos BONUS 2: Private Strategy Session with Virginia, Your Hangout Mentor to help plan your Best Promotional Strategies to Get Noticed and SHINE as the Go -To Expert in your Field

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Hangout Promotion Strategies to SHINE and Get Noticed

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