Emily’s Story can be Your Story…

Tired of being the best kept SECRET in her NICHE,  Emily had spent thousands of dollars on “Guru” programs that claimed to provide the “secret” formula to success. But, more often than not, these programs ended up half-completed, with disappointing results.

Then she discovered the programs offered at Hangout Marketing University. It guided her step-by-step through five S.H.I.N.E. Success Pillars to grow a thriving business that provides the lifestyle and income she has always dreamed of.

Emily traveled a clear, well-lit path to SHINE Mastery in five essential areas.

Pillar Details (Click Icons below)

Successpert: Success Mindset Mastery addresses your Inner Self-Worth, Unique Brilliance, Distinct Differentiators, Fascination Formula and Money Breakthrough Deservability to prepare you for stepping out of your shadow and be recognized as the Expert in your field.

Hangout Technology Mastery provides you with a professional working knowledge of Hangout On Air technology from Hangout Basics to Advanced Production Techniques designed to move you from tech challenged to tech master. Hangout mastery helps set you apart from the crowd as a true professional, people will want to work with.

Social Influence Mastery guides you from unknown to well-known across all the social platforms. You will learn the art of forming quality connections with your audience to increase engagement that builds trust and authority. You’ll discover the power of social and mini Hangouts on Air, Hangout Course Creation and Celebrity Creation Master Classes.

Fan Building Mastery introduces you to the art of promotion via social pages, communities and online groups. You’ll experience growing notoriety as the “Go-To Expert” via Hangout Interviews, Web TV Shows, Hangout Summits and Mega Hangouts all designed to showcase your expertise and reach a global audience of raving fans.

Hangout Monetization Mastery leverages your HOA assets from a variety of hangout marketing strategies such as coaching, demonstrations, classes, affiliate promotions, product reviews, and masterminds. You’ll create your unique Hangout Income Funnel by repurposing your hangout assets across multiple media outlets. You will expand your expertise across the globe and position yourself to live the life of your dreams.

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