Learn to Hangout Like a PRO FAST!

Move from Tech Challenged to Tech Savvy using the hottest trend in online marketing.

Virginia Parsons, your Hangout Mentor will provideĀ Guidance and Training with

  • 21 Step-by-Step How-to Videos
  • Detailed Hand outs and Checklists

Here’s an outline of everything you will learn to get Hanging out Like a Pro Fast.

Module One: Set up for Fast Start Program

Module Two: Getting Started with Google

  • Setting up your Gmail, GPlus and YouTube Accounts

Module Three: Optimize GPlus

  • Optimize Gplus by editing your About Page, adding Circles and following People, Pages and Communities

Module Four: Getting Started with Hangouts On Air

  • Your first practice Hangout; 5 tips for producing professional Hangouts on Air; Setting up your Lower Third

Module Five: Navigating a Hangout on Air

  • Learning how to use Hangout Upper & Side Toolbars and Popular Apps

Module Six: Managing Audience & Guests

  • Learn the distinction between your audience, viewers and your guests. Discover how to coach and vet your guests and best ways to engage with your viewers.

Module Seven: Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Green room practice. Setting up an event page. Creating a simple preview trailer.

Module 8: Optimize and Monetize

  • Learn how to optimize your Recording in You Tube, how to Record a Review and Steps to make Money with Hangouts

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