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From: Virginia Parsons, Your Hangout Mentor

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Hangout Mentor Private Coaching
Are you seeking increased visibility, social influence and success in your field.? Would you like to stand out as the “go to” authority and an expert in your field? Would you like to grow a list of loyal followers and raving fans? 
If you answered “yes” to these questions, then my Hangout Mentor Private Coaching Program is your answer. 

Here’s exactly what you’ll get by taking advantage of the
Private Hangout Mentor Training Program

I’ll personally guide you through Six action-packed sessions customized to your business that demonstrate how to use Google Hangouts to grow and market your business and “Hangout Like a Pro”. Sessions are 60-90 minutes in length and usually scheduled at weekly intervals with time to apply the information prior to the next session, but may be scheduled at a faster pace if you prefer.

You also receive 1 follow-up Q & A mentoring session after the 6th session, so you receive Seven sessions totalEach private session is recorded and made available to you for review and practice.

PLUS: Comprehensive Hangout Mentor Resource Guide


  • Session 1: Introduction to Hangout technology

    How to join a hangout on air as a guest. (Interviewee)
    * Best practice guidance with camera, audio and bandwidth settings
    * Proper lighting and background recommendations
    * Navigating the Hangout Tool box
    * Setting up your Lower third with Logo
    Custom lower third overlays for greater branding (tools and techniques)

  • Session 2: Learning Tools and Navigating the Hangout Screen

    Camera setting options to look like a Pro
    * Screen sharing for teaching and training(with PowerPoint, Slides,Surveys, Movies, On-line Search)
    * Capturing Live images
    * Control room settings and best production practices
    * Microphone recommendations and settings
    * Inviting guests and audience through G , Facebook, Events, your Website and Email
    * “Green Room” activities prior to broadcast (Step by step checklist)

  • Session 3: Scheduling & Promoting Live Hangout On Air Events

    *How to set up an Event Page to promote your Hangout on Air
    * How to create an eye catching Banner to brand & market your event
    * How to create a preview trailer video to promote your event.
    * How to promote your event from Website, GPlus, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and emails
    * Sending Hangout Invitations and Reminders
    *  Growing your audience and expanding your reach internationally

  • Session 4: Live Broadcasting your Show or Training

    * Step by Step guidance on Starting your Live broadcast
    * The roles of the Producer and the Hangout Host (how to be both)
    * Vetting, Prepping and Managing guests for best results
    * Viewing Options for your audience (Hangout Viewing options)
    * Getting audience interaction and creating a buzz around the hangout.
    * From Green Room to ON AIR and properly ending the broadcast.
    * Inviting audience to join INSIDE the Hangout for greater connection and engagement

  • Session 5: YouTube Marketing and Sharing

    * After broadcast: optimizing the video for SEO
    * Editing videos and choosing thumbnail
    * Video transcripts, annotations, and audio
    * Placing videos into a private members area (if desired)
    * Public vs  private or unlisted videos (different purposes)
    * Repurposing and monetizing your videos
    * Sharing videos
    * Embedding video on your website or other location

  • Session 6: Hangout Monetization Techniques customized to your business model

    *Private Coaching
    * Expert Interviews
    * Product Demonstrations
    * Trainings
    * Video Conferencing
    * Membership content creation
    * VIP programs
    * Affiliate Promotion
    * Mega Hangouts
    * Sponsorships
    * Marketing Funnels
    * Production Services
    * Live Workshops
    * Live TV Shows
    *Podcasts  & Video Blogs
    * Testimonials & Customer Reviews
    * Customer Engagement

    Session 7: Follow-up Q & A to go over any areas that need extra attention or practice. 

    (We can also use this time for Google Plus training if you prefer)

  • Resource Guide & Recommendations provided during the training
     Hangout Apps: Best applications to use during your Hangouts

    * Audio equipment: best options, brands and pricing
    * Design Tools & Lower Third Graphics for branding and promotion
    * Web cam equipment: recommendations and where to buy
    Video Editing Tools, resources & simple techniques for repurposing * Promo Video Creation: Best tools and options
    * Photo Editing:  free and fee based services

    * Logo Video Stings:  best and least expensive branding logo stings
    * Banner dimensions for Events, You Tube and Google Plus

100% Happiness Guarantee

Happiness Guarantee

I guarantee that after taking these private trainings you will have a solid working understanding of how to use Hangouts On Air to effectively brand and market your business. I will provide additional training as necessary (either group or private) to ensure your satisfaction with the program so you can reach new heights of visibility, social influence and success using Hangouts on Air. 

         Investment: $1997 payment in full in advance

 or 3 payments of $750 due and payable at registration, prior to session 3; prior to session 5.

 Stop being the best kept Secret ~ Become the Go-to-Expert in your Niche