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Hangout Marketing & LiveStream Checklist

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TIRED of being the Best Kept SECRET in your Niche?

The Possibilities With Hangouts are Endless:

You can use Hangouts in a multitude of ways to brand, grow and market your business. You are only limited by your imagination.

  • Create Hangouts from 1 minute to 8 hours long

  • Instantaneously upload the recorded Hangout video to YouTube

  • Create Private Hangouts or Broadcast to the World!

  • Create Courses, Interviews, Info Products , Web TV, Coaching Programs and More...

Five Steps to SHINE Mastery


Success Mindset Mastery

You can't be a Secret and a Success at the same time.

Become a {cbt-quote}Successpert{cbt-quote}

Master your Success Mindset.
What you Think you BEcome.


Hangout Technology Mastery

Master Hangout Technology to Stand out lIke a Pro

Become a Hangout Pro

From Basic to Advanced Training
Use HOA's to SHINE and get Noticed as a Real PRO


Social Influence Mastery

Grow your Social Influence across all Social Platforms

Become a Social Diva

Create Authentic Connections with your Audience.
Provide Quality Content using your HOA Assets


Fan Building Mastery

Build Recognition and Notoriety
Grow a Loyal Fan Base

Become a Fan Magnet

Master Live Hangout Shows with Raving Fans
Become a Sought After Guest Expert


Hangout Monetization Mastery

Leverage and Monetize Your Hangout Assets Globally

Become a Money Magnet

Create a Hangout Income Funnel Re-purpose HOA Assets across multiple media outlets. Work Smarter, not Harder