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Advanced Production Strategies
Module 1 Introduction & Instructions  
Unit 1 APSS: Introduction and Instructions
Module 2 APSS Course Modules  
Unit 1 APSS: Module 1: XSplit Studio Preparation & Overview
Unit 2 APSS: Module 2: XSplit Tour and Studio Set up
Unit 3 APSS: Module 3: Preparing for Broadcast Fun
Unit 4 APSS: Module 4: Planning & Creating Broadcast Scenes
Unit 5 APSS: Module 5: LiveStream Broadcasting with XSplit, Hangouts, Blab and Periscope
Unit 6 APSS: Module 6: Simulcasting on Steroids
Module 3 APSS Bonuses  
Unit 1 Bonus 1: Hangout Mentor Fast Start Program
Unit 2 Bonus 2: Hangout Mentor SHINE Strategy Session
Unit 3 Bonus 3: 3 Months DUvisio Enterprise Membership
Unit 4 Bonus 4: DUVisio Training on Monetizing your LiveStream Broadcasts
Unit 5 Surprise Bonus: Turn your Broadcasts into Podcasts/VideoCasts on ITunes