Featuring: Halle Eavelyn

Reclaiming YOU to Unlock Your Personal Happiness Code

Are you ready to live a life that’s balanced, lucrative, and full of joy? Would you like to reclaim the YOU that has been lying dormant inside? If so, you will want to meet Halle Eavelyn, a Transformation Business Director, who will talk about releasing procrastination to create and implement your empowered “to do” list in “elephant bites”.


This week’s interview will reveal how to:

*Reclaim time for yourself, so you can tap back into your dreams

*Set Manageable  Business and Life Goals

*Put Yourself First (totally Guilt-free)

Halle’s work is all about helping overwhelmed women entrepreneurs reclaim their lives. She is a transformational coach and tour leader fresh off a Bali tour.

She has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years, in software, real estate and travel, and now I coach women both at home and on my tours to places like Bali, Egypt, South Africa and Cuba. You can learn more about Halle’s transformational programs at www.SheTransformed.com

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Monday: March 20th 1 PM Pacific ~ Please Register to Watch LIVE or via Replay

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